Mint Stamps - Prices for regular issues are based on reported stamp shipments and usage as reported by the Mexican post office. Reported Mint quantities, which were sold to dealers in 1889, have been reduced by those which were pen cancelled, those which were Redirected to other districts, those which were made into Habilitado issues. Also, many mint stamps were Cancelled To Order (CTO) by dealers because Mexican collectors preferred used stamps due to the high humidity there. While the quantities of each of these uses of mint stamps is unknown, assumptions were made based on the mint quantities available. As a result of these practices it is estimated that up to 32% of the regular issues no longer exist in mint condition. These stamps can be identified by a reported quantity of 9 stamps (Quantities can be seen by clicking on the stamp image). Note that few mint stamps were bought directly from the post office by collectors since they had little use for domestic mail, so, no additional supplies were assumed from this source.

The mint pricing is divided into two categories. Mint NH/H represents mint stamps which have original gum; they are priced at twice the Mint- NG or mint stamps with no gum. Mint stamps with no gum represents the bulk of the mint stamps because the gum was removed to prevent them from sticking. The Mint- NG are the basis for the pricing based on quantities sold to dealers. The Mint NH/H prices are set at twice the Mint-NG prices since they are extremely rare.

Used Stamps - Prices for postally used stamps are priced at significantly higher levels since it is likely that only about 10% of the reported used items survived over the passage of 120+ years. Note also, such stamps are extremely rare except from five districts which represent 59% of all the stamps printed with district numbers. Since 16 districts had only from 1,200 to 9,300 stamps issued in total for up to 30 different printings, it is likely that few of the used stamps survived.

Separate pricing is calculated for pen invalidated and Cancelled to Order (CTO) stamps. The pen invalidated issues were canceled by pen stroke at the local level before being returned to Mexico City until it was recognized that they could be used as Habilitado and to Redirect them to another district. The Habilitado and Redirected stamp quantities were extrapolated based on the number of mint stamps returned by the original district. Postally used copies of these two types of stamps are considered extremely rare given the passage of time and their short time period of use. The CTO issues are priced well below the mint stamps from which they were created.

Error Stamps - No pricing was provided for the printing errors because, with a few exceptions, it is not known how many of each printing varieties and errors exist, albeit it is unlikely that any exceed 100 printed. In the case of the extensive number of Mexico City errors, it is likely that many of these are printers waste which was sold with all the remainder stamps. Pricing for these items will be reported as it develops, but for now, assume a price equal to the price of the regular issue plus $25.