StampFinder® began in 1995 as the first multi-dealer website dedicated to philately. We see the Internet as the life blood of the hobby and the vehicle by which stamps can become a popular investment in addition to being the most universal hobby in the world.

We are not dealers in stamps. Our interest is in promoting stamps as an investment through providing the type of information investors are used to seeing with other investment products they buy. For stamps such information includes price appreciation histories, pricing, availability, demand and sales data. Such data allows an investor to distinguish between stamps that show appreciation potential from those which are merely expensive. Even collectors can benefit from this information since they invariably reach the point where the stamps they seek exceed their resources. Hence, they can opt to buy first those stamps which will increase more rapidly, or cost more tomorrow.

We have a number of projects in development which will assist collectors in valuing their collections and in greatly improving the value they or their heirs can achieve from its eventual sale. We are also working to make the search for hard to find stamps much easier including email notification when the item you seek becomes available at the price you want to pay. This will prove to be a valuable feature in this time of wildly fluctuating currency values that can make a foreign offering suddenly attractive.

The power of the Internet has hardly been harnessed. Its impact on philately has been profound, but has much more to offer.

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About Richard Lehmann

As a lifelong stamp collector, Richard saw the investment potential of stamps long ago. His career has been in finance, where for many years he has been a financial newsletter publisher, columnist with Forbes magazine, author of a book on income investing and investment advisor to high net worth individuals. From his long career he has learned the importance of asset diversification and the importance of financial analysis in investing. He has found that the principals that lead to good asset allocation in traditional asset classes apply equally to investing in stamps. The information is there in abundance, the challenge is in organizing the information and in being able to act on it. The StampFinder website is designed to accommodate the gathering, dissemination and acting on this information.

Richard is now bringing his expertise in finance to assisting collectors in building a portfolio of stamps which will help preserve their wealth in these turbulent times. His focus is not on the stamps that sell for tens of thousands of dollars - these are hard to buy, hard to value and uncertain as to the value they can realize. His focus is on stamps issued before 1950 which have achieved a value of at least $25. This is a large universe of seasoned stamps with proven appreciation records, many of which can rival stocks for their appreciation history. Information on which he bases an investment decision is more transparent and reliable than anything he's found on Wall Street

The nations of the world are in a race to devalue their currencies to fund impossible debt burdens or gain a competitive edge. Traditional investment vehicles are being manipulated or debased to accommodate the needs of governments at the expense of investors . Postage stamps are immune to government regulation and outside normal financial controls. In this respect, they are like paper gold, but weigh a lot less. They are also a worldwide interest and therefor, more immune from the economic ups and downs in specific countries and other events. While we in the U.S. have numerous investment options and markets, this is not true for most of the countries of the world. There, stamps still represent one of the safer investment alternatives.

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