Author - Richard Lehmann & Tom Droege | Tuesday, 10 September 2019

StampAuctionNetwork & StampFinder Announce A Working Partnership To Broaden The Stamp Market

StampAuctionNetwork®, the premier website for stamp auction information and StampFinder®, a website dedicated to providing information on stamps to investors and collectors have joined forces to broaden the participation by investors in the philatelic market. 

Richard Lehmann President of USID Inc., the owner of the website, noted that investors represent a major source of new buyers for the stamp market but need guidance in this new asset class.  With interest rates declining to negative rates of return investors are searching for safe-haven assets such as real estate, art, gold, diamonds and now, stamps, to diversify their holdings and their risk.

The StampFinder system of grading stamps according to their investment characteristics gives investors the type of information they are used to seeing for security investments.  This, along with the stellar performance of investment caliber stamps over their 180 year history makes stamps a good investment to fill a variety of investment needs.  Mr. Lehmann, a former investment advisor and Forbes magazine columnist points out that stamps are not just a safe-haven asset, but also offer unrivaled value in their portability, confidentiality, stability in value, universal market and growth potential.  His firm assists investors in acquiring highly rated stamps and building diversified portfolios in the current buyers’ market for such material.

Tom Droege, President of Droege Computing and the owner of the website welcomes this partnership as an effort to broaden the audience of participants in the stamp auction process.  He stated, “StampAuctionNetwork serves to give bidders a one-stop experience with regard to bidding worldwide, but with a database now consisting of $1.5 Billion in auction realizations, the data can be used to assess true market conditions of supply and demand.”  His website has greatly added to the transparency in the stamp market and revolutionized participation in auctions.

The StampFinder database of investment grade stamps was begun in 1995 by evaluating over 25,000 different classical stamps making up the bulk of the value in the stamp market.  The fact that a stamp originally selling for pennies has already achieved a price of $250 or more is testimony to its value, especially given the actual recent declines in the traditional collector market for its lower priced material.  This is also testimony that many collectors have become investors by virtue of their growing personal wealth and their declining returns from traditional investment assets.        

The partnership will work with auction houses to identify offering in current demand or best suited for individual sale and with assisting investor clients in building their portfolios.  Investors can also specify which stamps are of interest to them through the StampFinder “My Want List” service which allows them to receive email notification when any of their items come up in a sale.  The new services will be available on the website by the end of September.   

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