Richard Lehmann

     Stamps have become a respected category of safe-haven assets for high net worth individuals. My recent analysis of the 25 year performance of recommended investment grade stamps demonstrates that the stamps with above average appreciation potential can be predicted by analysis of their past performance and other metrics used in securities research. It was also determined that the stamp market itself is a bifurcated market in which the performance of the investment caliber stamps is hidden by the comparatively weaker performance of the much larger collector market.

     I urge you to read my recently published book ““MONEYSTAMPS – The Safe-Haven Investment in an Unsafe World” which is available on Amazon. You can also read on this site under “Resources – Philatelic News” the three detailed articles on my analysis of the 25 year performance and its conclusions on this site under the Resources/Philatelic News tab posted in March and April of 2019. They disclose how stamps recommended in 1995 had appreciated an average of 7.8% annually for unused stamps and 10.2% for used ones. Fewer than 1% of the recommendations showed a loss.

     I have dissected the stamp markets and am tracking some 60,000 stamps which have appreciated in value from their original usage face value of only a few cents to a current price of from $25 to several million dollars. Not only have such stamps had steady appreciation over the 180 year history of stamps, they have shown less price volatility than any comparable investment category I can name. They are truly a safe-haven asset.

     What makes certain stamps a compelling investment is not just limited to their safe-haven status. In many countries serve as an underground currency. Their portability and unrecognized value to less than 5% of the world’s populace make them a hidden store of value for a variety of purposes. While we enjoy freedoms we take for granted, the majority of the world’s countries are places of limited freedom and political and economic uncertainty. They often have banking systems that limit international transactions and are transparent to a despotic government. Stamps provide a legal but hidden alternative to government oversight in almost all countries and yet, thanks to the Internet, are traded universally.

     We offer our services to individual investors or institutions interested in building an investment caliber portfolio of stamps. This may be by acting as a buyer of such stamps at auctions or by other means. We can also work with you on a consulting basis. We require a minimum investment commitment of $100,000. Note: You maintain custody of the stamps. Please contact Richard Lehmann at