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StampFinder Press Release Jan 6, 2017

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StampFinder, the leader in stamp information services, announces the release of its StampFinder Evaluator for Classic Stamps. The release is being made in a beta test version free of charge in order to assess collector reaction to its various features and format. We invite collectors and dealers to give us their suggestions. This Evaluator application provides numerous benefits as the following demonstrates:

1. Years covered     1840-1950
2. Numbers assignment- Scope     Unlimited
3. Cross Index with other catalogs     Yes*
4. Pricing Criteria     Sell Prices
5. Pricing Condition Scope     Mint, Used, MNH
6. Pricing Condition Scope by grade     Yes
7. Stamp Images     Yes
8. Search by Country     Yes
9. Search by Stamp Number     Yes
10. Search by Topic     Yes*
11. Investment Grading – by country     Yes
12. Investment Grading – by stamp     Yes
13. Electronic Pricing for Collections     Yes*
14. Electronic Want List Services     Yes
15. Electronic Valuation Service     Yes*
16. Electronic Delivery     Interactive Digital
18. Smartphone/Tablet Delivery     Yes
19. Includes Revenue Stamps     WorldWide*
20. Includes Postal Stationary     WorldWide*
21. Pricing Updates     Constant

* In progress. Scheduled for release in the First Quarter 2017.

The StampFinder Evaluator is flexible to the collectors’ needs and can be searched by country, catalog number, and even topic, with color images for most listings. Its pricing provides a more reliable guide to the true buy prices for stamps. The Evaluator can be used to build your want list and then have it search our dealers’ inventories on a recurrent basis.

The StampFinder Evaluator offers a broader scope of the classic period than a catalog since it has no page count size limitations. We chose to end in 1950 because this marked a turning point in philately in terms of the relationship between collectors and philatelic agencies worldwide. We will be expanding the scope of our service to deal with the thousands of varieties and errors so common in these early years of philately. Further expansions in scope will be including revenue stamps, poster stamps and postal stationary. These additions will eventually double the 150,000 listings currently included!

The StampFinder Evaluator for Classic Stamps provides pricing for a broader range of stamp grades, pricing that represents what stamps actually trade for. Likewise, StampFinder can make adjustments throughout the year to reflect trends and currency movements.

One totally unique feature of the StampFinder Evaluator is its rankings of investment grade stamps. For this purpose, we have researched and evaluated the history for some 60,000 stamps priced at $25 or higher in order to give both stamp investors and collector’s relative investment grade rating for such stamps. Now you can know if that $100 or $1,000 stamp you are considering is a good investment or is just expensive. To some this might not matter but, to those who can’t afford everything on their wants list, buying what is more likely to appreciate is reassuring.

Subscribers to the StampFinder Evaluator for Classic Stamps will also have full access to our innovative software such as the Collection Builder application. With StampFinder’s Collection Builder, users can inventory their collection on line including images. This can be a saved record which can then be revalued periodically to obtain an appraised value for insurance purposes, for donation or for their heirs. In addition, StampFinder also provides users with the tools to build an electronic want list which they can carry with them on their cell phone or use to automatically search online dealer inventories.

Philately has been constrained in its growth and reach for decades by hard copy catalog companies’ limited use of the full potential offered by the Internet. The StampFinder Evaluator is only the beginning of a process which we believe will revolutionize and unify philately worldwide. We invite collectors and dealers to give us their likes and dislikes and even suggest features we should consider for future upgrades. With your help we can make philately a more dynamic and growing hobby and investing activity.

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