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Pacific Northwest Postal History Society Dedicated to the study of postal history from the U. S. States of: Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington. www.pacificnorthwestpostalhistorysociety.org
RAFLET The Club publishes six magazines annually and they are full of interesting articles written by the members about stamps, covers and postal history. www.raflet.org.uk/
Ryukyu Philatelic Specialist S RPSS has as its objectives promoting an interest in the philately of the Ryukyu Islands and encouraging friendly cooperation among philatelists of all nations. www.ryukyustamps.org/
Royal Philatelic Society of Ca The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC) is Canada's national society for philatelists. www.rpsc.org/
Bellville Philatelic Society Bellville Philatelic Society. bellvillephilatelic.tripod.com/
100% of my collection of over 65 years is for sale I am a collector, not a dealer and am selling my entire stamp collection. When I was 9 years old, I started collecting stamps. Now at 74, I have been collecting stamps for over 65 years. I no longer have good eye sight or the dexterity to handle these valuable stamps with my tweezers. Now is the time in my life to sell my collection. I want to sell individual stamps, sets or complete country collections. All of the stamps that I am selling are from my private collection and to the best of my knowledge accurate in their descriptions. http://www.postalstampssale.com/
Germany Philatelic Society The Germany Philatelic Society sponsors several Study Groups. www.gps.nu/
Dutch Military Postmarks A collection, with information from a studygroup, and a guide to starting collectors. www.hsp-veldpost.nl
PostEurop PostEurop, the Association of European Public Postal Operators, is a non profit organization and a restricted union of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). www.posteurop.org
Som frim Trade with stampcollectors heima.olivant.fo/~som-frim
Postmark Collectors Club Club that encourages collecting and exchange of Post Marks, Postal History, and Covers. www.postmarks.org/
MEPSI Non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the stamps of Mexico. Formed to promote the Philately of Mexico, this Society has members all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. www.mepsi.org/
Northeastern Federation of Stamp Clubs The Northeastern Philatelist Newsletter nefed.org/
Solutions Plus GPS Study Group and Meetings. www.philatelist.nu
Australian Philatelic Federati The mission of the Australian Philatelic Federation is to grow organized philately within Australia and provide international representation for that body of collectors. www.apf.org.au/
The Astro Space Stamp Society Space Stamps, Postcard and Covers. www.astrospacestampsociety.com/
Euro-Asia Collectibles Dealers in fine all world stamps, philatelic items and postal history. freespace.virgin.net/ea.c
Buchanan Street Stamps We are involved heavily in the promotion of the bobby of kings, as well as retail stamps, albums etc. Our website has many interesting articles which most collectors will derive a benefit. Stamps can be valued, as well as the panel questions, on any subject. www.pennyred.com
Winnipeg Philatelic Society The Winnipeg Philatelic Society (WPS), founded in 1900, is the oldest stamp club in Western Canada. The purpose of the society is to provide facilities for the encouragement and aid of stamp collecting as a hobby. www.wps.mb.ca
Society for Costa Rica Collectors An organization dedicated to the study of postal history and philately of Costa Rica. Close to 200 members worldwide. Quaterly journal and auctions. www.socorico.org/
Machine Cancel Society The Machine Cancel Society is a world-wide group dedicated to the study of machine-impressed postal markings. www.machinecancel.org
Scandinavia Philatelic Society Society for collectors of the stamps, postcards, postal history etc. of greater Scandinavia i.e. Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Færoe Islands, Danish West Indies, Åland and Spitzbergen. www.scandps.org.uk/
Scandinavian Collectors Club A non-profit philatelic society devoted to research and education. Of interest to us are the stamps and postal histories of Åland, the Danish West Indies, Denmark, the Faröes, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Karelia, North Ingermanland, Norway, Slesvig, and Sweden. www.scc-online.org/
STAMPS ON STAMPS The Stamps on Stamps -- Centenary Unit (SOSCU) is a non-profit philatelic organization. Membership is open to anyone interested in stamps on stamps, stamp anniversaries, and related topics. www.stampsonstamps.org/
Scouts on Stamps Society International The Scouts on Stamps Society International is a non-profit philatelic organization specializing in the collecting, study, and enjoyment of stamps and other postal items celebrating the Boy Scout and Girl Scout movements. Welcome Scouts - we have a special youth section to help you earn your stamp collecting badge. Site Information: Join Our Club, Members, Chapters, Associate Clubs, The Journal, Online Notes, Events, Constitution, History, Sales Service,Contacts, FAQ, Site Awards Stamp Topics: Air & Space, Articles, Cancels, Cinderellas Clipart, Earn a Badge, Exhibits, Exile Scout Mail, Jamborees, JOTA/JOTI, Local Post, Lone Scouts, Meter Stamps, New Issues, Overprints, PERFINs & SPIFS, Postcards, Resources, Saint George, Scouts on Stamps, Seals, Stamp Stories, Website Index www.sossi.org
Ship Stamp Society General study and advancement of ship stamps in all their classifications and the provision of a medium for collectors to discuss their various interest and to acquire stamps. shipstampsociety.com/
Stamp Club Ring The Stamp Club Ring is a way to link your stamp club's web page with other stamp club pages on the world wide web. www.syracusestampclub.org/
Universal Ship Cancellation Society USCS is an international philatelic organization of over 1,500 members with an interest in postmarks and covers from all maritime services. www.uscs.org/
High Wycombe and District Phil This is a society for collectors of stamps, postal history and associated interests in the High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire area. www.hwphilatelicsociety.co.uk/
Society of Israel Philatelists Dedicated to the Philately of the Holy Land. israelstamps.com/
Ohio Postal History Society The OPHS publishes a Journal, conducts auctions, and has several on-going projects of interests to philatelists specializing in the postal history of Ohio. ohiopostalhistory.com/
Error Information Letter ERROR INFORMATION LETTER, a basic information letter on the world of printing errors on U.S. stamps. http://www.nalbandstamp.com/errnews.htm
The CartoPhilatelic Society The CartoPhilatelic Society was founded in 1955 by a group of philatelists with a keen interest in maps and cartography. http://www.mapsonstamps.org/
The International Machine Cancel Society Dedicated to the study of Machine Postal Markings, the Machine Inventors, Patents, and Other Related History. http://www.machinecancel.org/
The Collectors Club The Collectors Club is a group of more than 750 people who have come together to further the study of philately, promote the hobby and provide a social, educational, and non-commercial setting for the enthusiastic enjoyment of our common passion. Founded in 1896, the Club counted among its members the leading—even legendary—names in philately. Today's membership is no exception and includes some of the hobby's best-known collectors, exhibitors, and authors. The vast majority of our group, however, are "regular" collectors who have one thing in common—a thirst to share their enjoyment of the hobby and a desire to learn more about collecting among others who take philately seriously. http://www.collectorsclub.org/
Korea Stamp Society The Korea Stamp Society was founded in 1951 by a small group of Americans who desired to share their mutual interest in Korean philately. A number of them had visited or served in Korea in various civilian or governmental capacities. While there, they acquired an interest in the colorful and often elusive stamps of the country. http://www.pennfamily.org/KSS-USA/
Topicals on Stamps http://www.topicalsonstamps.com/
American Air Mail Society American Air Mail Society (AAMS) is the second oldest aerophilatelic society in the world, presently with about 800 members world-wide. It is a non-profit organization, qualified under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code as tax-exempt. http://www.americanairmailsociety.org/
FIP Postal Stationery Commission This site provides information on the Commission such as the names of delegates, notices of meetings, and so forth. For those interested in exhibiting postal stationery at the international level, the rules governing postal stationery, upcoming exhibitions, and results of exhibitions can be found. http://www.postalstationery.org/
Cinderella Stamp Club Founded in 1959 and based in the UK, the Cinderella Stamp Club is an association of philatelists, amateur and professional, whose interests lie in local stamps, telegraph stamps, railway stamps, revenues, fiscals, forgeries, bogus and phantom issues, Christmas, Red Cross, TB and other charity seals, registration labels, advertisement and exhibition labels and many other items — all of which are the so-called “Cinderellas of Philately”. http://www.cinderellastampclub.org.uk/
The Revenue Society The Revenue Society was originally formed in 1990 and currently has over 300 members from 40 countries. Founded to promote the research and display of revenue stamps and associated documents, the society also publishes The Revenue Journal every quarter. Members are encouraged to exhibit their collections at regular meetings in London as well as at national and international philatelic exhibitions. http://revenuesociety.org.uk/
FIP Maximaphily Commission This site provides General Information on the FIP Maximaphily http://www.maximaphily.info/
Casey Jones Railroad Unit With over 200 members throughout the world, the Casey Jones Railroad Unit is the first (1950) of the American Topical Association Study Units, and, today, one of the largest. We cover everything rail-related on stamps - steam engines, diesel engines, rolling stock, rail bridges, streetcars, subways, trolleys, funiculars, cog railways, etc. The Casey Jones Railroad Unit publishes a bi-monthly bulletin, "The Dispatcher," which is devoted entirely to philatelic railroadiana, written and compiled by leading authorities in this specialized field. The New Issues Listing in each issue keeps collectors abreast of the news and catalog status of nearly everything on rails. http://www.uqp.de/cjr/
Philatelic Society of El Salva Philatelic Society of El Salvadore. www.elsalvadorphilately.org/
GBStamps Collecting and study of the stamps of Great Britain and related material. www.gbstamps.com
Richard Stead's Stamp Page Stamps and related material of Newfoundland. www.rickstead.com/
Fortunes of War Collectibles Rare covers, postage stamps, and documents. www.fortunesofwar.com
National Stamp Dealers Associa Stamp Trade Organization. www.nsdainc.org/
WESTPEX Annual WSP show held during April in San Francisco www.westpex.com
Leonard H. Hartmann Books on Philately, Stamp Collecting, We actually stocked from over 100 publishers with used books as they become available from many more, over 1,000 pages of listings on the Internet. Sorry but we do not stock the priced annual catalogs from Scott, Minkus, GB, Michel, etc. pbbooks.com
Pitcairn Island Study Group Group for the study of the stamps, postal history, and the people of the Pitcairn Islands. www.pisg.net/
The Rossica Society Society devoted to all aspects of Russian philately, from the pre-stamp days of Imperial Russia to current post-Soviet philately. www.rossica.org/
State Revenue Society Devoted to the collecting and study of revenue stamps of the states of the United States of America. staterevenue.org/
American Unit of the American It is a group of over 200 members who collect anything and everything that might be considered Americana.Our quarterly journal is called, Americana Philatelic News. It contains new issue reports, feature stories and the oportunity to obtain americana items at very reasonable prices. For more information e-mail a message to: info@americanaunit.org. www.americanaunit.org
The Journal Postal history of the United Nations, the issues and postal history of its branches, specialized agencies and forerunners, as well as the world-wide topical issues that call attention to the United Nations, its agencies and programs. www.unpi.com
Liverpool and Merseyside Philatelic Society Devoted to the study, research and dissemination of the knowledge of Philately, its members have a wide range of collecting and research interests. lps.merseyworld.com/
Stamporama Stamps, and stamp club stamporama.com/
American Philatelic Society Join America's National Stamp Club. Whether you are a beginning collector or have years of philatelic experience, the APS offers a number of services and educational opportunities to broaden your personal collection and enhance your special collecting interests! 56,000+ members in the United States and more than 110 other countries. Membership includes a subscription to the "American Philatelist", philately's premier stamp monthly. Services include: sales division, stamp insurance, expertizing service, publications, research library, and much more. For a FREE membership brochure send email, including name and postal address, to connie@stamps.org or visit our website. www.stamps.org
National Duck Stamp The primary purpose of the National Duck Stamp Collectors Society is to promote and encourage the collecting and study of migratory waterfowl hunting and conservation stamps. ndscs.org/
IFSDA To promote and maintain a high standard of professional integrity among philatelic dealers throughout the world. www.ifsda.com/
Uncle Sam Stamp Club Stamp Club www.nystampclubs.org/
Unione Filatelica Subalpina Italian Philatelic Club. www.filateliasubalpina.it/
Association of Essex Philatelic Societies UK stamp federation for the county of Essex and its borders. Full listing of affiliated stamp clubs and publications. www.aeps.org.uk
CyberStamp Club for Virtual Philatelists Where you see and trade the images of the stamps you love - by country or theme. Free downloads. Beautifully illustrated Real Live Stamp Catelogues. Virtual stamp collecting is the most fun you can have with your computer on. Free membership. cyberstampclub.tripod.com/
Raritan Stamps Raritan Stamps, Inc. conducts mail auctions quarterly specialized in worldwide stamps and postal history. We have comprehensive stock of Russian material of all regimes. We sell stamps of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Baltic States, Georgia and Ukraine. We always have in our stock stamps and covers of Asian Countries: China (all), Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macao, Thailand and Vietnam. Our company offers philatelic materials from Western Europe including: Austria, France and Territories, Germany (all regimes), Great Britain and Commonwealth, Greece, Italy and colonies, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Switzerland and much more. We have large selection of Zeppelin and First Flight covers and cards, PPC including WWI and II propaganda and Judaica. www.raritanstamps.com
Precancel Information Page The place to learn about precanceled stamps and envelopes. Also information regarding the Precancel Stamp Society. www.precancels.com/
Ships on Stamps Dedicated to the study of philatelic material pertaining to watercraft on stamps, to sharing knowledge, to encouraging the growth of the hobby and to supporting the preservation of our maritime heritage. www.shipsonstamps.org/
UNPI An organization of philatelists devoted to the collection, study and exhibition of the issues of the United Nations Postal Administration and Postal history. www.unpi.com/
Hawaii Post Hawaii Postcard Club www.hawaii-post.com/
Stuart Katz US STAMPS, DISNEY, AND TOPICALS www.stuartkatz.com
Global Stamps US STAMPS, STAMP SUPPLIES, AND STAMP ALBUMS. www.globalstamps.com
Oceania Philatelic Galleries Topical collections, worldwide covers, unique sets, singles and covers. www.stamps-auctions.com/
Austria Philatelic Society (US) We are a nonprofit social organization for the research, study and enjoyment of Austria philately. Our society is open for membership to all who have an interest in Austria philately and related areas, and who are at least eighteen years of age. We also serve as a focal point for collectors of Austria philately who wish to study Austria, share philatelic interests, and/or participate in any of the club's activities. We publishes a society journal four times a year, containing articles with color images, information of interest to the beginner, intermediate and specialist collector of Austria philately. The journal also serves as a forum for communication among members. In addition we Conduct at least one society auction of Austrian and Austria area related philatelic materials a year for our club members. We also have a mentor program available for members wishing assistance in the pursuit of their collecting of Austrian philately. www.AustriaPhilatelicSociety.com
Filatelic.Com Malaysia's Online Stamp Gallery and Catalog. First Stop to Shop for Malaysian Philatelic Material. www.filatelic.com
Asociacion Filatelica de Caracas (ASOFILCA) Asofilca is a non profit association of stamps collectors. Services for members: Meeting room,Philatelic library, a tree-monthly Magazine, monthly Auctions by Internet, Certificates of authenticity of venezuelan stamps, stamps valuation and advising of beginner collectors. asofilca.com
Oregon Stamp Society Oregon Stamp Society, one of the oldest philatelic organizations in the US. Our club is over 75 years old. Please visit our site we have a wonderful auction yearly. www.oregonstampsociety.org
Portuguese Philatelic Society, UK This is our current address URL: www.pps-uk.net Thanks, JP Cota webmaster, PPS www.pps-uk.net
El Salvador Philatelic Society - ACES For more than 60 years, the aims of the El Salvador Philatelic Society have been: a. To promote, improve, and divulge the study of Philately in general and in particular of El Salvador. b. To strengthen the relations of collectors of El Salvador with members of all other countries.   c. To maintain by all possible means the good reputation of the postage stamps of El Salvador. www.elsalvadorphilately.org
American Topical Association (ATA) Non-profit association to promote and assist collectors in collecting stamps based on subject matter or topics (ex. animals, plants, computers, space, Railways, presidents etc.) Has 52 different specialized study groups, slide shows, annual all-topical exhibition (2005 in Milwaukee, 2006 in DC, 2007 in North Texas), 450 checklists on different topics, 75 topical handbooks, bi-monthly journal, and more. PO Box 57 - Arlington, TX 76004-0057 www.americantopicalassn.org
The Malta Stamps Online Shop MaltaStamps.com offers you the latest stamps, miniature sheets or First Day Covers from Malta at excellent prices! www.maltastamps.com
Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Postzegelhandelaren N.V.P.H.- Officia site of the N.V.P.H., the dutch organization of stamp dealers. www.nvph.nl/
The Philatelic Traders Society Welcome to the Philatelic Traders' Society. This site is intended for use by both philatelic traders and collectors alike. www.philatelic-traders-society.co.uk/
James Bendon Leading Philatelic Publisher Sells All Kinds of Stamps by History and Country. www.jamesbendon.com
PTS - The Philatelic Traders' Society This site is intended for use by both philatelic traders and collectors alike. If you intend to find a dealer who covers your subject area, or you wish to find out about becoming a PTS member you have arrived at the right place. Our reputation for honesty, integrity and professionalism spans the globe, and the PTS shield is instantly recognised by collectors. Get the strength of the PTS behind YOU www.philatelic-traders-society.co.uk/
Topicals on Stamps TOS has over 110 categories with links to thematic organizations, personal collections and checklists, plus additional philatelic information. www.topicalsonstamps.com/
Century Stamps Deals Only With US Stamps. www.century-stamps.com
DJ's Stamps Contains a Full Line Of US Stamps www.djsstamps.com
Chrysalis Stamps Specialists in classic mint postage stamps of the British Empire to 1935. www.chrysalis-stamps.com
Wichita Stamp Club The Wichita Stamp Club is a non-profit club in Wichita, KS made up of philatelists furthering the enjoyment of their hobby, sharing their interests with others and learning about the numerous fields in stamp collecting. Membership is open to everyone interested in stamp collecting. www.wichitastampclub.org/
Stamphead Auctions Stamphead.com your new source for stamps online. Buy and Sell in our "no fee" online auctions. Try it today, it’s FREE. www.stamphead.com www.stamphead.com
Conchology Inc. Specialised in selling specimen quality shells. As informative part of our homepage we show all stamps with shells ever issued. Regularly updated. Conchological stamps. www.conchology.be
MIDWEST PHILATELIC TRADER Specializing in United States Postal issues and Postal History. auction site and store on Ebay. Quality stamps at affordable prices is what I seek to achieve. Read the feedback of past customers. Always looking to "e-talk" stamps with anyone. Have met 100's of great collectors, specialists, and other dealers through this web site. www.stores.ebay.com/id=99955505&ssPageNameL
Haiti Philatelic Society An affiliate of the American Philatelic Society with a membership of over 100 members throughout the USA and over 13 foreign countries. Dedicated to the study and dissemination of information concerning Haiti's postal issues.The Society publishes a quarterly and conducts 4 mail auction sales a year. www.haitiphilately.org
WEST AFRICA STUDY CIRCLE WASC, formed in 1960, is the international specialist society for the study of stamps, postal stationery and postal history of West Africa. ***This message replaces defunt site currently in your directory. www.wasc.org.uk
Stamps4Collectors Scottish based online auction. Stamps and Philatelc material only. Free for buyers - no listing fees for sellers. www.stamps4collectors.com/
Greece philatelic items and stamps Olympic stamps www.geocities.com/giorgio1.geo
europhil new issues and France. We sell new issues of all countries and stamps of France. www.mestimbres.com
Nashville Philatelic Society The Nashville Philatelic Society was organized in 1886 to promote fraternity among the stamp collectors of Nashville and the surrounding area. nashvillephilatelic.org/
Murfreesboro Stamp Club The Murfreesboro Stamp Club was organized in July 2000 to promote fraternity among the stamp collectors of Murfreesboro and the surrounding area. www.murfreesborostampclub.org/
Landesring Mittelrhein e.V. Middle Rhine Youth Stamp Club in Germany. We are the head-organisation for all Youth Stamp Clubs in the Middle West Germany. www.landesring-mittelrhein.de
The United States Philatelic Classics Society The U.S. Philatelic Classics Society is the successor of "The Three Cent 1851-57 Unit" (Unit Number 11) of the American Philatelic Society. It was originally founded by a group of '51 to '57 specialists that included Dr. Carroll Chase, Stanley B. Ashbrook, and Leo J. Shaughnessy. Since its founding, the Society has broadened its scope to include postal issues and postal history from the Stampless era up to the Bureau Issues. Our members include both collectors and students. Some members have been students for more than 50 years; others for only a short time. Many have written articles that have been published in our award winning quarterly magazine, The Chronicle, and in other publications. Other members have written books, such as James Cole's recently published Cancellations and Killers of the Bank Note Era; Simpson's U.S. Postal Markings (1851-61); Neinken's The United States One Cent Stamp of 1851 to 1861; and North Atlantic Mail Sailings 1841-75 by Walter Hubbard and Richard Winter. We emphasize the need to share the results of our studies and research with fellow students and collectors. But most of all, we are here to promote enjoyment and fun from a hobby that has given us many hours of pleasure. www.uspcs.org
Liberty Street Software Home of StampManage, a software program for stamp collectors. StampManage 2002 is the best way to organize and value your stamp collection. Features include a huge pre-defined database complete with images, and indexed by the SCOTT (tm) numbering system. Easily attach images to your records and print out reports in several different formats. Create sophisticated custom queries and view or print the results. Our powerful view display allows you to view your stamps by Year, Condition, Perforation and more. www.libertystreet.com
I need new issue stamps.s/s,from w/w. I can offer you mint stamps from China and Asia. www.chinese-stamp.co.uk
PAUL G. WILSON FINE STAMPS FOR COLLECTORS On line website offering stamps,covers,of HONG KONG and lots of worldwide issues. www.finestamps.net
Rare Br. Commonwealth Stamps and Covers also Indian and Malayan States We are Dealers in Rare Br. Commonwealth Stamps and Covers Prior to 1960. Established in 1939. Especially strong in India and Indian States.King George VI from all Br.Commonwealth countries.First Flight Covers from Imperial Airways.More than 2000 photos already on the website, more to be added.Alternate email address: stampchase@yahoo.co.uk www.sandafayre.com/
IranStamp.com :: IRAN / IRANIAN PHILATELIC Online Seller of IRAN stamps , We would be happy to assist you to start, or complete your collection of Iranian stamps and banknotes. www.iranstamp.com
Stamps of Argentina. News and images. www.elfilatelico.8m.com
Rochester Philatelic Association Find out about upstate NY's largest and friendliest group of philatelists- the RPA! Over 140 members of all ages and collecting interests enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with others through our twice-monthly meeting and our newsletter, Hinges & Tongs. Come join us at our meeting place, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, on the corner of East Avenue and Vick Park B, across from the George Eastman House. We also sponsor ROPEX, a national level show every March. To find out more, just go to our web site or send us an email at stamptmf@frontiernet.net! www.rpastamps.org/
Pacific Islands Study Circle The Pacific Islands Study Circle caters for collectors of the stamps and postal history of the smaller Pacific islands. Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) islands in the Indian Ocean are also covered. We have almost 400 members around the world who receive our magazine, Pacifica, four times per year, plus our postal auction list through which members can dispose of their surplus material. The annual subscription is £7.50 for European members or £12.50 (US$20.00) for members outside Europe. www.pisc.org.uk/
Space Topic Study Unit The Space Unit is an organization of hobbists devoted to the collection and study of covers and stamps issued on space themes. www.space-unit.com/
Sports Philatelist Internation SPI is concerned with an area of stamp collecting called thematic or topical philately. Every member of SPI receives a subscription to the bimonthly Journal of Sports Philately (JSP). www.sportstamps.org/
Thailand Philatelic Society Flourishing specialist society with over 170 members world wide sharing an interest in the many and varied aspects of the philately Thailand. www.thailandphilsoc.org.uk/
Delcampe's Free Auctions Philatelists of all over the world, discover on www.delcampe.com the most simple, complete and effective free site dedicated to philatelic auctions www.delcampe.com/
Plate Number Coil Collectors Club An International Organization for those interested in and for those who collect United States Plate Number Coils. We publish a Monthly newsletter, Coil Line, for our 800 plus members and have a very timely, ever changing web presence.. www.pnc3.org
Timbres de Correo de Mexico Imágenes e información acerca de los timbres de México de los últimos 25 - 30 años, incluyendo las emisiones más recientes. También tiene un glosario de términos filatélicos y lista de diseñadores. www.galeon.com/timbresdemexico/
Juventud FAEF Este Sitio esta dedicado a todos los filatelistas juveniles.Donde encontrarás todo tipo de información relacionada al Coleccionismo filatélico. Fue creado por la Comisión de Juventud de la Federación Argentina de Entidades Filatélicas (FAEF). jovenfaef.8m.net/
Lighthouse Stamp Society An organization dedicated to the promotion and education of collecting Lightouses on postage stamps and other philatelic items. My group is on your page but the link is wrong www.LighthouseStampSociety.org
FILATELIA SAMMARINESE Philately site where it’s possible buy on-line in a big stock of over 7.000 items of stamps, postal history, postal stationery and topical. Periodic philatelic auctions with thousand of pictures. www.filsam.com
StampCircuit Club StampCircuit Club is the virtual meeting place for stamp collectors, dealers, auctioneers and anybody who shares our great hobby. Whether you wish to buy or sell, StampCircuit is the site for you. Created for people who are tired of searching the net for a special stamp but cannot find it. StampCircuit Club's main concern is to make this search as easy and direct as possible. www.stampcircuit.com
Northwest Stamps Dealers in world wide postage stamps. www.northweststamps.com
Philatelic Friends Africa's largest postal philatelic auction house, world stamps, covers and philatelic items, regular auctions held annually, viewable by catalogue or on the web @ www.philatelicfriends.com, specialising in Br. Commonwealth, British & Southern Africa & South West Africa. Long term members in very good standing with APS & SAPDA, customer satisfaction guaranteed. www.philatelicfriends.com
The StampFair ONLINE Auction The LARGEST online stamp auction on the internet www.stampfair.com
The British Society of Russian Philately The BSRP was formed in 1936 to encourage the study of the stamps and postal history of the Russian area including Finland, Poland, Mongolia and the new republics. www.bsrp.org
100% New Zealand Stamps Visit the New Zealand Stamp site for the Worldwide Stamp Pen Pals List, Purchase New Zealand Stamp Collections, Books and Magazines, Get Free Stamps, Post a Discussion in the Stamp Message Board, Contests, Games and Much more for stamp collectors. www.angelfire.com/biz/NZstamps
Victor R. Ostolaza Ltd. We provide Stamps, First Day Covers and other philatelic items for the following countries: Andorra (France), Andorra (Spain), Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile,France, Germany, Spain, United Nations (NY),United Nations (Geneva), United Nations (Vienna), United States, Vatican. www.ostolazastamps.com
100% New Zealand Stamp Shop Buy New Zealand Stamps, Collections, Packet Mixtures, Books and Magazines from the online stamp shop. www.tcfb.com/stamps/index.html
Sidney Fenemore Postal History and Postcards Postal History Post Bid Sales, Direct Sales and Postcards, Cinderella's, Stamp Mixtures, etc. www.sidneyfenemore.com
US Stamps For collectors http://www.bethesdastampco.com
U.S. Philatelic Classics Society (updated URL) The U.S. Philatelic Classics Society is the successor of "The Three Cent 1851-57 Unit" (Unit Number 11) of the American Philatelic Society. It was founded by a group of '51 to '57 specialists that included Dr. Carroll Chase, Stanley B. Ashbrook, and Leo J. Shaughnessy. Since its founding, the Society has broadened its scope to include postal issues and postal history from the Stampless era up to the Bureau Issues. www.uspcs.org/
Military Postal History Society The Military Postal History Society was founded in 1937 as the War Cover Club, American Philatelic Society Unit #19. The original club focused largely on the postal history of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. The group changed its name in 1991 to better reflect the wide variety of collecting interests of its members. www.MilitaryPHS.org
First Day Covers Ltd Suppliers of worldwide, first day covers, special event postmarks, covers and postmarks. Lists supplied - register your interests. Wants lists invited. www.firstdaycovers.ltd.uk
Bureau Issues Association - The United States Stamp Society The Bureau Issues Association (The United States Stamp Society) is a non-profit, collector based organization. The BIA is the largest philatelic society devoted to collectors of U.S. stamps and is Affiliate #150 of the American Philatelic Society. www.usstamps.org
EMIRATES PHILATELIC ASSOCIATION Emirates Philatelic Association ( EPA) was established according to Ministerial Decree No. 372 on June 24, 1996. Since then, the Association has tried to continue the success achieved by Philately in the UAE. It has an elected governing council for a two-year period comprising a President, Vice President, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Chairman of Special Committees, and four Committee members. At date there are 215 subscribing members on the rolls of the EPA. The EPA has been allocated a large room in the Riqa Post Office in Dubai by the General Postal Authority for its activities, where the secretariat of the EPA is open after working hours for the convenience of members on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday from 7:30pm (03:30GMT) to 10:00pm (06:00GMT). www.angelfire.com/ok2/EPA/index.html
American Philatelic Society APS is the largest, non-profit organization for stamp collectors in the world. Founded in 1886, the APS serves collectors, educators, postal historians, and the general public by providing a wide variety of programs and services. http://www.stamps.org/Our-Mission
Meter Stamp Society Please Note: This is to let you know the MSS home page had been changed. Please update your listing...Thanks Kevin John Cabbage meterstampsociety.com/
Malaya Study Group A society for collectors of stamps and postal history of the states forming peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. www.m-s-g.org.uk/
JAPAN Stamps for Collectors JAPAN MNH Commemorative Year Sets www.isjp.org/

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